Possible Dockworkers' Strike in the USA: Important Update

21/12/2012 14:41:34

Dear Customer,

This is to inform you about the possible upcoming dockworkers' strike in the USA East Coast ports.

As we pre-announced on September 22nd, the dockworkers' union ILA (International Longshoremen's Association) and the port association covering the Gulf and East Coast of the USA USMX (United States Maritime Alliance) had negotiated a 90-day contract extension, which is going to expire on December 29th.

This extension is close to its end, while the negotiations on the contract renewal are still ongoing.

In case the bargaining impasse is not settled, the ILA has pre-announced the beginning of a new general dockworkers' strike, which would have a big impact on the ports' operations, causing delays.

In order to cover the relative additional expenses, all the major steamship lines have announced the introduction of a "Port Congestion Surcharge", which would be applicable to all the incoming cargo in case the strike kicks off.

If you wish to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.