Alisped Obtains AEO Certification

16/04/2012 19:28:21

Dear customer,

This is to inform you that Alisped SPA has recently been awarded the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification by EU Customs.

This important certification qualifies our company as a reliable operator, both from a customs compliance and from a security standpoint.

As a matter of fact, the certification Alisped obtained is the “full” one (AEO – F), which embraces both the security (AEO – S) and the compliance (AEO – C) ones.

Alisped has chosen to opt for this type of certification, which is more complicated to obtain, yet grants higher standards of excellence within the logistics chain.

The AEO certification brings several practical advantages for us and for our customers:

·        A better relationship with the customs and, therefore, fewer chances of exams

·         A better image as a reliable and safe logistics operator

·         Mutual recognition of the AEO certification with analogous programs of extra-EU countries, like the Japanese one (already active) and the USA’s C-TPAT (being finalized), which would facilitate the customs clearances in such countries